Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Sex Maestro and a Chic Magnet

Take all the myths that you have heard about men and sex and put them in a basket. You are about to get some real talk! Ever wanted the endless lines of chics that can’t wait to get laid by you? The looks that you get when you meet her the next time and you can tell she can’t wait to hear from you? How about having an endless list of booty calls that do not expect any financial maintenance or commitment from you just the sex? Better yet, a marriage that will never go sour? Chances are your answer to all of these questions is a yes. And the trick to getting all that and more solely lies on you being a pro in bed. Let’s get you started on how you can get there.

Her Breasts are NOT a Bull’s Eye

This is where most men will go wrong. Even though a lady’s breasts are usually one of the go to moves in the sack, there is more to her than just that. You appreciate the fact that they can get her moaning and groaning but truth be told, you have to warm up to the occasion. Drum up the beat and slowly bring up the tempo. By the time you get to this part, she will be rearing to go. Remember that the breast is not only composed of the nipple and includes the top (which actually happens to be the most sensitive) and the sides. Also, when you get here, be sure to use your entire arsenal. You can touch, nibble, and suck anything that seems to be giving positive results but remember, if you are there all the time you will lose your edge. Know how to use other hot spots.

Understand the Art of Oral Sex

Time and time again, it has been said that a man has higher chances of making a girl cum through oral sex. This means that you do not really have to rely on this penis enhancement pills and lotions. Your fingers and tongue can do the work for you just fine. Keep in mind that oral sex is an art. You will improve as you go along.


While most guys go straight for the penetration, there is more that you can do to raise the temperature and allow yourself better chances of making a girl cum. Start by playing with her out labia (Labia Majora) this will definitely get the juices going. You have to be tender and tease. You should notice her legs start to move around. This is a great time for you to also play with her thighs since they are usually a great trigger.

Move on to the clit. While fingering a girl, this is what seems to be the most result oriented. Keeping in mind that there are two female orgasms (that’s just unfair for the men right? Two!) The clitoral and the vaginal orgasms. By stimulating the clit, you can trigger the former. Start by making big circles that are gentle and you will notice that it starts to grow.

Now you get to the actual how to masturbate a girl through fingering. Note that this is not just about inserting your fingers in there and thrusting. At least if you do not want to look amateurish. You want to make sure that you hit the target which in this case is the G-spot. It is about two inches in and on the roof of the vagina. You should feel sort of a rough area. That is what you ought to be working on. Remember it takes time so do not be in a rush and be sensual and complement her. She needs to be comfortable if she is going to get to the big “O”.


This should be every guys go to plan. While it might not give you a lot of pleasure, it will definitely make you a god in bed and the swarms of women will keep coming. The tongue is like a grail when it comes to sex. Like the penis, it is all muscle and can do a lot of lifting. However, it only gets you results if you know the best ways to eat a girl’s pussy out.

After playing with her inner thighs, going in slowly and tease her vagina by slightly kissing it, gently rubbing your tongue on its lips and you should hear trickles coming down.This is what you call masturbating a girl. Slowly build momentum until you are sucking on the clit and the reaction at this point is definitely worth the trouble. To make sure you are doing the right thing, always use her body as a map. See what she reacts to best and keep going at it.

Be a Gentleman

As much as many women will say they like rough sex, the only thing that they love better than that is being treated well. The last thing you want is to be the guy who women want to have sex with but not get intimate. It takes the fun out of everything. Learn to complement her. Make her feel sexy and above all, treat her like a woman.

Remember that being great in bed is not about making feel good but making the lady feel out of this world. Truth be told, if you make her scream, she definitely will return the favor and this is when it is going to even better for you.

Informative And Educative Details About The Louisiana Senior Olympic Games

The Louisiana Senior Olympic Games are held annually and their primary objective is to promote physical fitness and quality life for people over fifty years old. These games give people who are over fifty the opportunity to compete in active sports so as to enhance their health. This is because most people who are aged above fifty experience various health condition because of not being physically active. However, these games provide the ideal platform and also motivation in form of competition for such people to be physically active. Participants in these games get to practice in preparation for the games and also are physically active during the period of the games consequently enhancing their health.

This year these games will be running from 8th August to 14th November. Participants will get the opportunity to compete in games such as cycling, volleyball, weight lifting, track and field activities amongst others. Winners in the various games will be qualifying to participate in the national senior games which will be held in Minnesota. The venues of these games will be located mainly in the lake/Calcasieu parish area. Badminton and archery venues will be in Baton Rouge while road walking and road racing will be held in New Orleans area. These games are coordinated by the South West Louisiana District Senior Games (SWLADSG) in collaboration with the Louisiana department of culture, recreation and tourism.

People who would like to participate in these games can easily register through visiting the Louisiana Senior Olympic Games official website or email to the designated coordinators. This is after the board that is organizing these games endorsed online registration where participants can conveniently register through the internet. The only requirement while registering for these games is that one must be aged above fifty years old. Various social media platforms also have details about these games where interested people can get the relevant information. It is also possible to download and print a date order of the various events including their venues, map, time, rules and outdoor weather anticipated during the time of the games. One can also download and print an alphabetical list of the various events that are included in the games.

The coordinators of these games have ensures that all safety precautions are observed. There will be medical teams in stand by to respond to any emergency medical requirement. This is meant to ensure that participants who experience medical issues during the competition get immediate assistance. This is important because people who are aged above fifty years are more prone to medical conditions compared to younger people. Furthermore, all the necessary amenities used in this game are of high standards so as to give the participants an opportunity to compete conveniently. Therefore, the Louisiana Senior Olympic Games provide an ideal opportunity for people aged above fifty years to enhance their health through participating in the various events.

The Louisiana Senior Olympic Games: Promoting Active Living Beyond 50

The Louisiana Senior Olympic Games is an annual event that brings together over 500 participants aged over 50. The Olympics are an exciting and fun time for participants and the spectator crowd alike, promoting physical fitness and an active lifestyle for the athletes. The only condition for eligibility to participate is that one has to be at least 50 years old. The open-event allows participation for persons from out-of-state.

Sporting Events

The athletes can participate individually on any of the following sports during the event: archery, bowling singles, badminton, cycling, darts, horseshoes, golf, shooting, swimming, table tennis, lawn tennis, racquetball, washer pitch, track and field, pickle ball, weightlifting, miniature golf and shuffleboard among others.

Additionally, there are team events that afford an opportunity to co-ordinate as a time and bond in a fun way. These include dance teams, and ball games such as basketball, volleyball and softball.

The organizers also appreciate the fact that not everyone can be an active participant in the athletics and physically intense events. It is for this reason that recreational activities such as art and craft, Texas hold em and bridge are put together.

Registration for the Event

The organizing committee avails entry and registration hardcopy forms to prospective participants well before the games start to allow enough time for training and practice. Participation is highly encouraged and compliance to the basic requirements is a guarantee for entry. For the 2015 event, set to start on August 8 and run through to November 14, there is an online platform for convenient registration. Other online resources including a map of the venue, a list of all the events as well as the date and scheduled time for each event are available for download on the website. A proper timeline helps in proper planning and mental conditioning and preparation for the events. The package also includes a list of all rules and regulations that must be adhered to in the course of the games and authoritative weather pattern predictions for that period.

Event Coordination

The Louisiana Senior Olympic Games (LSOG) committee oversees the mandate of organizing as well as promoting the senior games at the district, state levels, and co-ordinate efforts with the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism. The sports at the district level are qualifying vents for the state games. Gifted and qualified athletics take part in the National Games, held every second year.

Event coordination is no easy task and requires time, finances and other resources. The organizing committees for the Louisiana Senior Olympic Games receive significant input from different individual and corporate sponsors. Volunteers, most of who are drawn from active participants in the games also helps in running the various tasks that relate to planning the event, implementing the plan and promoting it effectively to encourage participation.

Most take the saying that “life begins at 50” in jest. While the experience may vary among individuals, leading an active lifestyle even in the senior years is one way to have exciting fun while promoting good health and improving the quality of life in those latter years. This remains to be the primary agenda for the Louisiana Senior Olympic Games.